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ZZ TOP sparkling drive by



Let your vision stay alive

There's a glimpse of the outside world in between the houses. One have to be glad for the small things in life and try to focus past the closest facades.

A room with a view


My opinion on open office space

Open office environments have been popular for a while now and seem not to be replaced by single room offices anywhere soon. At the truck manufacturer where I work, as in-house developer, the trend is more open office space. Or ABO - activity based office as it’s called. Not only that, the trend is also... Fortsätt läsa mer →

It made i me smile for a while

During the early morning it fell half a centimeter or so of snow. It melted away really fast and did not impact life in any way other than it got a bit brighter - chasing away some of the autumn darkness. Didn't think more about it until I went for a lunch walk and stumbled... Fortsätt läsa mer →

About drinking and painting

Sometime ago (several years) I created this image using a photo. I only have this jpeg left and dont remember the name of the model. But it's probably a pop star of some sort. I remember when I worked on it. I was at the time very productive and did a lot of this kind,... Fortsätt läsa mer →


Yellow and red


Kind of crazy

Lady Gaga

Fractal art



Tiger man in pastel

Rooster in love



Summer view

Storm coming (three versions)

Quiet morning



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