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  1. I looked at the pictures on your homepage and they ARE very, very good.

    I have two opinions. I think the pictures look much better without black borders or jaggy edges. They are good enough to stand on their own.

    I would also like to see small discreet titles under the pictures if for no other reason than to use as a reference.

  2. Hello Dan! Can I have the honor of featuring you and your works in my digital magazine? It’s not a commercial endeavor, just an ongoing online project of mine. I plan to come out with Issue #7 by end of March. Here’s a link to the previous issues where I have featured some photo bloggers and showcased their works: http://junsjazzimages.wordpress.com/digital-magazine/ It would be great to have you and your amazing images in the upcoming issue. Much thanks. I await your reply. Keep on clicking! Best regards! ~JJ

      1. Thank you for the go signal Dan! I don’t want to bother you with anything so just trust me to pick out 6 to 7 of the best images in your blog. But I do have a small request. Can you make a short write-up about yourself? 4 to 5 sentences on how you started in photography and what you look out for when taking pictures, stuff like that. Please email me the write up at jazzmanjun@gmail.com Welcome aboard Issue 7! Thanks again!~JJ

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