It made i me smile for a while

During the early morning it fell half a centimeter or so of snow. It melted away really fast and did not impact life in any way other than it got a bit brighter – chasing away some of the autumn darkness.

Didn’t think more about it until I went for a lunch walk and stumbled on this great piece of art. A kid saw the possibilities where grownups would see none. It lightened up my day a made me smile for a while – that’s worth a big something isn’t it.

What if we all would have felt the same urge to create something, however short lived the outcome risked to be? To be consumed by the process and sense of achievement. Wouldn’t we be happier and less stressed giving something beautiful and/or funny to our fellow human beings? I say yes, so start making them snowmen as soon as you see a snow flake (replace snowmen and snowflake with whatever inspires you) .




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