About drinking and painting

Sometime ago (several years) I created this image using a photo. I only have this jpeg left and dont remember the name of the model. But it’s probably a pop star of some sort.

I remember when I worked on it. I was at the time very productive and did a lot of this kind, some good some bad. Often late at night and sometimes accompanied by some beer or whine. This one was a creation of such circumstances.

I find that a smaller amount of alcohol can help creativity flow. But too much, differ from person to person, does not help creativity. It only gets you tired and unprecise. Fun at the time but nothing you would show afterwords. It’s somewhat easier when you work digitally, like this one, since it’s easy to undo and redo. The thing is though: it tends to be without a plan, just drawing without really seeing the whole picture.

Also, the older I get the less effect alhohol have on me and the effect on my creative thinking i less obvious. So nowadays I dont drink and paint anymore :-).

To be clear: of course I dont promote drinking in any way – this was just a sharing of my own experience.


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